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Why plaster on foundation?

The purpose of the plaster is to protect the materials making up the wall behind it, whether it is a concrete foundation, stone foundation, a brick wall, or even blocks; the layer of plaster on top forms a water-resistant protective barrier. Which helps to mitigate damage caused by humidity or deterioration by crumbling.

Scope of Service

A Crepitek representative will visit the work site to assess your needs and provide you with a detailed quote. Once you have accepted our proposal, a date for the work will be negotiated and fixed on the schedule. Then, a cement applicator will come to the site on the agreed date to carry out the following steps:

  1. Surface preparation: This crucial step consists of carefully preparing the surface on which the plaster will be applied. This often involves deep cleaning, repairing imperfections and ensuring the surface is smooth and ready for rendering. A well-prepared surface guarantees optimal adhesion and long-lasting results.​

  2. Adding aadhering agent and reinforcements: The application of the bonding agent and the installation of reinforcements, if necessary, are essential to ensure a solid bond between the surface and the plaster. Proper selection and application of glue or adhesive agent is fundamental to ensuring maximum adhesion. Likewise, installing reinforcements, such as mesh or fibers, strengthens the structure and prevents cracking.

  3. Applying the finish: This step involves the careful preparation of the plaster mixture and its application to the prepared surface. The application technique is crucial to achieve a uniform and aesthetic finish. A well-prepared mixture and careful application guarantee not only an attractive visual result, but also long-term durability and resistance. In addition, the choice of texture and finish of the render can also influence the final appearance of the surface, thus offering customization according to the client's preferences. To Also note that the wall must be allowed to dry for at least 48 hours after applying the plaster.

Other factors to consider

  • Is the wall structure stable?

  • Is the foundation insulated from the outside?

  • What is the composition of the surface?

  • Have we properly removed friable materials?

  • Is the temperature suitable for application and drying?


Mixture of preference

For foundation plasters, we generally favor mixing cement with sand and lime on site. This method offers optimal flexibility to achieve the perfect mix suited to each project.


Unlike formulas prepared in a factory and delivered in bags, our artisanal approach allows greater control of the quality and properties of the plaster. Mortar made of cement, sand and lime, similar to the mixture used for laying bricks. This combination ensures strong adhesion and even application.

In our processes we have the possibility of incorporating various liquid and powder adhesives to improve the spreading, application and durability of the plaster. This personalized approach not only ensures quality aesthetic results, but also increased resistance over time. In addition, the possibility of coloring the mixture offers a harmonious aesthetic transition with the surrounding building.

Beware of paint

We suggest you renew the surface of the plaster of your foundation walls with paint? This should be avoided because the waterproof finish of the paint retains humidity and contributes to the deterioration of the plaster. In addition, it will be difficult to apply a plaster over it during repairs because the paint prevents it from adhering well. When it comes to repairing this type of error, the ideal is to remove the existing plaster and redo it completely. The other options are to brush the surface in order to create notches which increase adhesion or to install a metal mesh on which the new layer of plaster will be installed. ​​

Locations served


In general we operate in the greater National Capital Region, here is the list of municipalities in question. However, do not hesitate to contact us to be sure if your municipality is not listed.




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